Donald Trump Knows Exactly How Many Congressmen We Have, He Just Doesn’t Want to Say


As Donald Trump prepares for a totally real run for president, he may want to spend less time ranting about President Obama's grandparents and more time honing an elementary-school-level understanding of American government, if this nugget from Time is any indication:

But could Trump actually corral Washington? Does he even know how many members there are in the House of Representatives? "Well, I don't want to answer your questions because this isn't a history class," he shoots back, adding that of course he knows the answer.

If this were a history class, Trump would dazzle you by rattling off all manner of facts and figures about American government. You'd be like, "Wow, I didn't even know it was possible for a human being to be so well informed." Alas.

This is the Donald. He may run for President of the United States. Welcome to The Big Show [Time]