Ellen Barkin Kept Gabriel Byrne’s Jewelry


I kept every piece of jewelry he ever gave me,” Ellen Barkin tells Alex Witchel, of first husband Gabriel Byrne, in this coming weekend’s  her.

The best moment in the piece — after the time when Witchel tells Barkin that her apartment smells like the Upper East Side, and Barkin frantically blows out every scented candle — is when Witchel asks about the time Barkin allegedly threw a drink in Perelman’s face at the Waverly Inn:

Ellen, we promise not to ask you anything that will tempt you to throw a glass in our faces. But if you want to throw jewelry, we won’t object.

Ellen Barkin Is No Uptown Girl [NYT]
PS: You should read the NYTM story just to hear her talk about what her play, A Normal Heart, means to her. “I remember my first friend who got sick,” Barkin explains. “It was 1981, and the disease was called the gay cancer.”