Episcopal Church to Jim McGreevey: You Can’t Be a Priest, But It’s Not Because You’re Gay


Former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey has made much of his plans to become an Episcopal priest in the years since his public disgrace. But the Post recently learned that his efforts have thus far been flouted — and not because the formerly married father is currently living openly with his male romantic partner. According to a source at the Episcopal Diocese of Newark, his rejection was not for “being gay but for being a jackass.” Apparently, the fact that he came out during a press conference — at which he made his then-wife stand by his side — and then endured a contentious, ugly divorce didn’t sit too well with church leaders. “He was sort of looking for every angle to make a complete redo of his professional life,” another church source told the tabloid. “He ran to the church for some kind of cover, which isn’t fully appropriate. Even if he’s a good guy, he should wait five to 10 years to get over his issues.” McGreevey’s been telling friends he was told he needed a few more years of “seasoning” before he could get behind the pulpit. Apparently, “seasoning” is church code for “waiting until people forget that you and your wife used to have threesomes with a campaign staffer.”

Heaven can wait [NYP]
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