Google’s Eric Schmidt Tries to Get Tina Fey to Ditch Her iPhone


Most nerds who want to interview famous people have to settle for having their dreams dashed. Lucky for recently deposed Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who’s been shopping around a talk show (without success), he has the run of the Googleplex to make an audition tape: an hourlong interview with Tina Fey. We’re big fans of Schmidt’s Orwellian brand of foot-in-mouth disease. But although the interview is actually decent, it’s mostly due to his subject. When Schmidt says he wants to start with a reading, Fey quips, “I hope it’s something about one of my periods!” Schmidt’s response? “There’s a lot in the book about women … things which I am not going to quote from.”

In that instance, and others, Schmidt is willing to mock his own awkwardness. But he loses us by bungling “I want to go to there” moments before “a Googler” writes in with a request that Schmidt get a 30 Rock cameo. Watch him try to convince Tina Fey to switch from an iPhone to an Android to better “track” her daughter.

Eric Schmidt Plays Oprah With Tina Fey (Video) [MediaMemo/AllThingsD]