Facebook Looking to Expand to China


Facebook has held talks with potential partners about how to gain access to China, Bloomberg reports. The discussions have been merely “exploratory” thus far, and they may not result in an agreement that would enable millions of Chinese citizens to friend request one another. But if the talks did work out, Facebook could potentially access “the world’s largest Internet market,” according to Bloomberg, with more than 457 million users. (Currently, Chinese social-network users rely on private-network services to circumvent firewalls that bar access to Facebook and other websites that the government deems inappropriate.) Facebook, Inc. admitted: “We are currently learning about China, as part of evaluating any possible approaches that could benefit our users, developers and advertisers.” Well, good. Certainly, Chinese citizens deserve to peruse their own profile pictures and RSVP “Attending” to events they know they’ll never go to, just like the rest of us. [Bloomberg]