For His New Show, Manderson Will Be Behind Glass


Anderson Cooper’s syndicated daytime talk show, Anderson! (we have added the exclamation point in the hopes that he will eventually do so, too), will be taped not in a cushiony closed studio somewhere on the West Side like so many other New York–based shows. In fact, conveniently, it’ll be taped in the very building where he works at CNN — the Time Warner Center. He’ll film in the Allen Room at Jazz at Lincoln Center (which, misleadingly, is at the TWC and not Lincoln Center itself). “It is a beautiful theater, and totally unique,” Cooper said in a statement, according to TVNewser. “It allows me to have great interaction with the studio audience and great access to the streets and people of New York.” If you haven’t seen the space, it’s pretty spectacular, with a combined view of Central Park and across 59th Street from several stories above the sidewalk. Cooper has clearly subbed enough on Live (and watched enough of the Today show) to know that he only wants a live audience in front of him. No sense in worrying about streetside shenanigans behind him. Now we’ll just have to see if his pretty silver-fox face can compete with the daytime view …*

‘Anderson’ Finds a Studio… In The Same Building As His Other One [TVNewser/Mediabistro]
*Get it? The View? What, nobody likes daytime television puns?