Graydon Carter Doesn’t ‘Encourage’ Journalists to Cover War-Torn Middle East


Graydon Carter threw a party for Paul Allen’s new book, Idea Man, at his restaurant, Monkey Bar, last night, toasting the Microsoft co-founder, who’s been making the press rounds this week. Vanity Fair excerpted the book in this month’s magazine, but having lost a colleague yesterday, Carter’s mood was understandably somber. “I had a good relationship with him,” Carter said, of Tim Hetherington, the Oscar-nominated filmmaker and Vanity Fair photographer who was killed in Libya yesterday. “He was over there about to work on an assignment for us. He was in a house with a bunch of journalists, and he was killed by a rocket-propelled grenade. He was a wonderful guy. Coverage in the Mid-East right now, of course, it’s scary. Everything that most of us run away from, people like Tim Hetherington, they run towards.” Asked if he’d still encourage journalists to cover the region, Carter said, “I don’t encourage them, but I’m glad there are journalists over there who do that.”