Vanity Fair Writer: ‘Graydon’s Better With the Women Than Tina Was’


At Vanity Fair’s Tribeca Film Festival party last night, Bob Colacello, a longtime contributor to the magazine, was hesitant when we asked for anecdotes about working with Graydon Carter. But after chatting a bit about Carter’s restaurants and seating arrangements at his famous Oscar party — “I always get Betsy Bloomingdale and Denise Hale. Since I don’t cover Hollywood, you know, I’m there just to take care of the grand dames” — Colacello warmed to the topic. “When Graydon first became editor, he took me along to Europe a lot, to all the collections, because I knew all the Europeans, and he hadn’t really covered that beat yet,” the writer said. “And I asked my friend São Schlumberger to give a dinner for Graydon, sort of welcome him to Paris, and when we arrived at her house, she went to say hello to Graydon, and he said, ‘Oh, Mrs. Schlumberger, you don’t have to tell me who you are, I know who you are. You’ve helped everyone from the magazine so much.’” Schlumberger replied, “Oh, what a difference from Tina Brown, who never could remember who I was.” “There, you got it out of me,” Colacello told us, laughing at the memory. “But Graydon’s better with the women than Tina was.”