Royal Honeymoon Postponed


After all that surprisingly triumphant excitement, Prince William and Kate Middleton have decided not to leave for their honeymoon immediately, opting to hold hands around Britain adorably for now. William, countryman that he is, plans to return to military duty as a Royal Air Force helicopter rescue pilot in Wales at the end of this weekend. But at an unrevealed point in the future, at an undisclosed overseas location, the newlyweds will honeymoon. According to the Post:

William at one pointed hinted he might take Middleton to Australia for a scuba-diving honeymoon, but it is also possible they would opt for a private island in the Caribbean, the Seychelles, an archipelago of more than 100 islands off Africa, or an outdoorsy trip to Jordan that would include a visit to Petra."

Our money's on the private island, but those all sound awesome.

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