Hosni Mubarak Is Dealing With His Emotional Pain Right Now


Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak made his first statement since he was ousted by the Egyptian people, who revolted as a result of countless human-rights abuses, large-scale corruption, and a 30-year dictatorship. In an audiotape broadcast on Sunday, Mubarak said he's been better:

"I have been pained and am still in pain because of what I have been subjected to, my family and I, from unjust campaigns and false allegations aimed at hurting my reputation and questioning my integrity, stances, and military and political history, through which I have striven for the sake of Egypt and its sons in war and in peace. I reserve my full legal rights towards all those who have deliberately tried to get at my reputation and the reputation of my family domestically and abroad."

The former president also denied claims that he has stashed away millions of dollars overseas, but, by the way, he's currently living with his wife at his weekend home in Sharm el-Sheikh, a picturesque Red Sea resort town.

Mubarak Denies Corruption and Defends His Legacy [NYT]