Howard Kurtz: Fox Is Crossing Its Fingers Newt Gingrich Will Jump Into the Race by May 3


Some Fox News executives are beginning to get annoyed at one of their stars, Mike Huckabee, for flirting heavily with a presidential run while still staying on their payroll, reports Howard Kurtz. The news channel already jettisoned potential candidates Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum for getting too officially attached to the 2012 race, and with Huckabee leading in some recent polls, some wonder whether it’s time to be rid of Huckabee too. (“Your source is full of it,” Huck told Kurtz. “Fox has been very understanding and they know and I know that if I take steps to be a candidate [ask for money, support, or set up a committee], then I will step aside. That’s been understood from the beginning.”) But buried at the end of the story is another tidbit of gossip.

That can’t be a nice feeling, having the success of your event depend on whether Newt Gingrich, of all people, gets serious and commits to a presidential run.

Fox News Pushes Mike Huckabee on 2012 Decision [Daily Beast]