If You Are Young and Unemployed, Don’t Worry About Your Life Sucking, Because It Won’t Last Very Long


For those of you who are unemployed under the age of 50, you know how much it stinks. But those of you who aren’t may be under a misconception that it actually isn’t so bad. In fact, you may daydream about the possibility. Think of it: You could go to the gym all the time! Cook yourself healthy meals! Lower your blood pressure by finally not being the last of your friends to read whatever trendy book came out last week. (Does that not stress other people out? Are my friends the only people who made me feel like an idiot because I didn’t get to Freedom for four months?)

But no. Living happily and healthily is not what you’d really do if you were unemployed, according to a new study. What will really happen is that you’ll drink more, eat weird foods just because they’re in the house, and pick up smoking because, well, what the hell? You’ll even exercise less. And, to make things even worse, because of all those things (or maybe just because you’re depressed), you’ll die sooner. Especially if you’re a dude!

In our society, men are more expected to have a job and bring home a salary. When they can’t do that, it is very stressful,” said McGill professor Eran Shor, who helped author the study. “If you are unemployed, you are less likely to have good health care, and less likely to have healthy eating habits.”

Got it? Don’t go quitting your job because you think it’ll make your life better or longer. For God’s sake, just hide your Kindle in the pile of TPS reports on your desk and read Bossypants that way.

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