If You Want to Get Paid $8 Million by Condé Nast, All You Have to Do Is Ask


Anna, you’ve been doing it the hard way. According to Forbes, all it takes to score millions from glossy publishing giant Condé Nast is to send a simple e-mail. That’s what scammer Andy Surface did, pretending to be the printing company that produces Condé’s magazines. He supplied a new account number, and because no one checked up on the source of the e-mail, the company promptly rerouted their payments to him. It was only months — and over $8 million later — when the real printers called asking why they hadn’t been getting paid, that anyone realized something was amiss. The U.S. Attorney’s office is on the case, however, and it looks like Condé will get all the money back. This appears to not be the first attempt at crime by Surface — according to Forbes, someone with that same name in that same county was once charged with “terroristic threat of family/household.” Presumably that threat was something more severe than, say, delaying the arrival of your mother’s next issue of Allure.

Conde Nast Sent $8 Million to Scammer Who Sent One E-mail [Forbes]