In the Battle for Central Park, Score One Point for the West Side


About a month ago, out of the blue, people suddenly realized that Central Park — despite being, you know, central — was technically part of the West Side, since its easternmost border is on the west side of Fifth Avenue, the dividing line between East and West addresses in Manhattan. Not surprisingly, this didn’t sit well with certain East Siders. But new data from the Central Park Conservancy, which has released findings from a Central Park census of sorts, might give the West Side some ammunition in this battle. As you can see above, many more Manhattan park visitors hail from the Upper West Side than the Upper East Side, both in terms of total visits and visits per resident. So it’s on the West Side and it’s used more by West Siders … we don’t know, East Side, it’s not looking good.

Central Park Counts! [Central Park Conservancy]