Ivy League Students Would Like to Have More Sex


The data-loving nerds at OkCupid are at it again. This time, they’ve compiled ten sex charts revealing some things that might surprise you (vegetarian men are most likely to enjoy giving oral sex), some things that might surprise and then disturb you (old men are the most likely to enjoy rough sex, peaking at 58), and some things you probably could’ve guessed (Twitter users are more likely to have masturbated today). For one chart, resident data guru Christian Rudder cross-referenced college tuition rates from U.S. News & World Report to find that “generally speaking, the more your parents are paying for your education, the more horny you are.” Monetary entitlement begets sexual entitlement. Makes sense. But it wasn’t an Ivy League school that got the highest score for both desire and tuition. Sarah Lawrence students broke away from the pack with their six-times-a-week demands.

10 Charts About Sex [OkTrends]
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