Katie Couric Refuses to Admit What Everyone Already Knows


Even though reports are everywhere that Katie Couric is not only leaving CBS Evening News when her contract is up in June, but that she’s already been replaced, the first woman to host a network newscast alone still isn’t ready to admit she’s on her way out. As a guest on The View today, Couric doesn’t confirm or deny that she’s leaving before trying to dodge Barbara Walters’s questions about why Evening News remained in third place throughout her tenure. “I learned from the master, so I’m not gonna fall for this,” Couric says. “I was never really a ratings-obsessed person.” That was before pointing out that she was the first woman to host solo. “Barbara, of course, did it at ABC with Harry Reasoner.” Zing! But Babs is already talking like she’s gone, beginning a sign off telling Couric, “You did do a very good job … I think you’re doing the right thing.” Couric jumps in, “You don’t know what I’m doing!” Well, this is a fun game.