Katie Couric Might Be Co-hosting Her Syndicated Talk Show With Matt Lauer


Over the weekend, Katie Couric confirmed rumors that she’s talking to former NBC CEO Jeff Zucker about starting her own syndicated talk show when her Evening News contract is up in June. Couric’s willingness to sass interviewer Andrew Goldman about whether she intends to “give stuff away like Oprah” or “dance around like Ellen” actually made us more excited about the possibility. Now the New York Times is reporting that Couric might once again share co-hosting duties with Matt Lauer. In fact, it was Zucker who first put the two hosts together when he was executive producer of the Today show. But before you start humming Peaches and Herb, there are a number of hurdles to a possible reunion on daytime TV. Lauer’s contract extends through 2012 and Couric’s show is expected to start in September. Plus, NBC is likely to throw down what might be the biggest offer in TV news history to keep Lauer behind the Today show desk.

Couric’s Rocky Path to a Likely Parting With CBS [NYT]