Kennedy Daughter’s Stalker a Free Man


Naeem Ahmed pleaded guilty to stalking and aggravated harassment on Monday, after being charged with stalking Tatiana Schlossberg, the granddaughter of John F. Kennedy and daughter of Caroline Kennedy. Under the conditions of the plea deal, Ahmed received 60 days in jail and three years probation, along with a protection order barring him from contacting anyone in the Schlossberg or Kennedy families. Because he had already been held in jail for longer than his sentence, he was told to leave the court immediately. “This is the deal of the century … It doesn’t get better than this,” recommended Judge Bruce Allen. Ahmed began stalking Schlossberg in 2008, sending her love letters, chocolates, and flowers. And despite the sentence, “I respect that lady from the bottom of my heart … I still love her. It is unconditional,” said Ahmed.

Creepy Kennedy stalker a free man after plea deal [NYP]