Man Goes Berserk With Baseball Bat Over Fried Chicken Breasts


Twenty-three-year-old David Murray really really wanted some fried chicken breasts at 2:30 in the morning on Sunday. So he went to Crown Fried Chicken on Tompkins Avenue in Brooklyn, naturally, to satisfy this perfectly understandable case of the munchies. Unfortunately, the natural order of things had been rudely interrupted that night — there were no more fried chicken breasts. Instead of opting for a thigh or two perhaps, or even some drummettes, Murray flew off the handle, pulling garbage out of the restaurants bin and throwing it at the cashier. When, mysteriously, this did not cause the breasts to appear, Murray stormed off in a huff — only to return moments later with a baseball bat. After destroying the store’s ATM, he threatened the cashier with bodily harm. He was arrested and charged with criminal weapons possession and menacing.

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