Man Who Missed Out on Mega Millions Says State Job in Albany Is the Real Prize


Looks like the local deli lady supplying tips about the lucky lottery winners to the New York Post had the story a little off. Michael Kosko was actually one of five employees at the Homes and Community Renewal agency who chose not to pony up for the office pool the day seven of their co-workers bought a $319 million ticket. But Kosko’s reason for bowing out was even more maddening than the deli lady’s rumors: He didn’t have the two singles. A fellow worker offered to spot him the two bucks, but he decided nah, between the choice of borrowing less than the cost of a Starbucks Venti and the possibility that I may rue the rest of my days in this mortal coil, I’ll chose the latter. Kosko, shockingly, says he has no regrets.

Although his girlfriend is less than thrilled, Kosko says the seven winners deserved it, adding:

Besides, he said, after growing up poor in Albany, he feels like he’s already won the lottery.

That’s right, buddy. You’re already living the dream. Just keep telling yourself that and we’re gonna get through this just fine.

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