Warm Spring Days Turn the Times’ Thoughts to Boys


Intrepid New York Times nightlife reporter Sarah Maslin Nir penned an ode to spring in this weekend's paper, lamenting the start-and-stall waves of beautiful weather that New York's seen lately and noting their effects on our collective mood. "Since the vernal equinox on March 20, the official start of the season, we’ve had nearly two weeks’ worth of days on which the temperature has not reached above 50 degrees," Nir reports. "This spring is two and a half degrees colder than usual. And it has rained almost 20 of those days, making the season thus far 27 percent wetter than in most years." From the front lines of youth, Nir reveals that spring's lateness may be hindering New York's romantic-types from ruminating on crushes, hook-ups, and amorous feelings. Or, at least, she admits that that's what she does when it's nice out. From the Times:

One of those rare warm days had me remembering another like it, when I made my way to a bench by the Hudson River — the winter’s chill barely chased from its wooden slats by the wan early spring rays — and threw myself across a patch of sunlight. There amid the roar of the West Side Highway and a gentle but slightly fetid breeze, I completed the purpose of my crosstown journey: I spent several hours savoring the memory of a kiss and its giver. As it turned out, my love wasn’t worth the musing, but I remember that afternoon so vividly, it might have been yesterday.

If it doesn't shape up out there, we may all be prevented from thinking about sex. Just what the paper wants.

An Ode to Spring, Whenever It Comes [NYT]