Mayor Bloomberg and Comptroller Liu Have a Truly Adult Relationship


There are a lot of reasons why Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Comptroller John Liu shouldn't particularly like each other. They've clashed over city contracts, teacher layoffs, and pension costs, and Bloomberg's team thinks that Liu is basically using City Hall as a foil to make himself look good for a 2013 mayoral run. But according to the Times, there have been more subtle, personal slights:

Mr. Bloomberg also invited Mr. Liu to the Yankees’ 2010 home opener, at the new stadium, but was apparently irritated when Mr. Liu left after only a couple of innings ... In the comptroller’s race, some of Mr. Bloomberg’s political allies helped Mr. Liu’s chief opponent, David S. Yassky, who is now the chairman of the Taxi and Limousine Commission. The day after the election, Mr. Liu, citing prior commitments, declined Mr. Bloomberg’s invitation for a meeting at a Manhattan restaurant.

Mr. Bloomberg has apparently not called Mr. Liu since.

What, it's not like Bloomberg had personally slaved away over his special duck à l'orange, the way he did for Ronald Lauder. Maybe Liu really was busy!

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