’Mocialite Kipton Cronkite and His Husband/Boss Break Up


Well, that was, what, less than five months? Gosh, it feels like just yesterday that society real-estate broker Laurence Kaiser was telling the Post: “I am nobody’s fool, Kipton and I are in a real relationship and everyone should stop gossiping.” The then-69-year-old was reacting to catty coverage (guilty!) of his surprise nuptials with 39-year-old man-about-town Kipton Cronkite, which rocked the very tiny segment of New York’s population that cares about the overlap of socialites, gays, and high-end real estate. (Guilty again!) Cronkite had left an adorable young 22-year old — with whom he shared an apartment! — for Kaiser. But now a “friend” (read: someone they picked to speak for them) has told “Page Six” that they’ve split. In fact, they were never even really, um, together. Except legally. “They made a spontaneous decision to get married, but they are not lovers or boyfriends,” the source said. “They remain friends, but they are separated.” See, opponents of gay marriage? We take this institution just as seriously as straight people!*

Over so soon [NYP]
*Chris takes a sip of his sigh latte.