Mubarak Had a Heart Attack During Questioning About Corruption


Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak suffered a heart attack today while being questioned about possible corruption and embezzlement charges, according to a report on state TV. Mubarak is being treated for his “heart crisis” in intensive care at a hospital in the Red Sea resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh, where he has been under house arrest for the last two months. Dozens of protesters picketed the hospital — one carried a sign reading, “Here is the butcher.” Although the prosecutor didn’t outline the charges, Mubarak’s sons Alaa and Gamal have also been summoned, and his global assets frozen while under investigation. Since Friday, hundreds of thousands of protesters once again gathered in Tahrir Square, this time to push for a swift prosecution and Mubarak to be brought to justice. And once again, they faced a violent crackdown Saturday, for which Egypt’s prime minister apologized on state TV. In his first comments since stepping down, Mubarak called the allegations against him “lies.” Maybe his diagnosis was supposed to translated “crisis of conscience”?

Egypt’s Mubarak hospitalized with heart problems
Egypt’s Mubarak has “heart crisis” in questioning [Reuters]