New York Almost Got a Whole Lot More Fishzilla


A Brooklyn fish importer is on trial for attempting to smuggle around 350 live snakehead fish through Kennedy Airport last year. Investigators wrapped up their inquiry into the case this week — Yong Hao Wu faces up to four years in prison for trying to smuggle the fish into the country from Macao. He attempted to pass the snakeheads off as the more peaceful, less carnivorous Chinese black sleepers. Snakehead fish are considered a delicacy in Chinese and Korean cooking, buuuuuuut they’ve also been known to eat other fish, ducks, and mammals, and pretty much totally annihilate the ecosystems in which they live. Well, at least they look cool.

Fish importer busted trying to smuggle fish-chomping ‘fishzilla’ snakeheads into New York [NYDN]