New York Is the Sixteenth Happiest State in the United States, According to Twitter


Hey neurotic New York Twittertigibbets: stop publicly whining. You’re making us look bad (or at least sad). According to a study of happiness on Twitter, despite its high number of social media users, our state is only the sixteenth most happy in the United States. (A general scan of New York-related complaints on Twitter reveals that many of the most popular gripes have to do with our sports teams, so we guess that’s fair.) Tennessee is the most happy, go figure. In fact, by the calculations of Cambridge Ph.D. candidate Alexander Davies, the most happily Tweeting states tend the be grouped along the Bible Belt.

Of course, in Davies’s world map, the country that is happiest if you just count the cheeriness of its Tweets is … Germany. So, grain of salt.

Twitter World Happines Map [Alex Davies via AnimalNY]