New York Times Discovers Vibrators


In today's "Styles," the Times delves into one of the only topics nobody is talking about and blows it wide open: Did you know that women are using vibrators? Not just the kind of thing that jiggles away your cellulite, like in Cathy. Vibrators for ... downstairs. And that only just now, in 2011, they're admitting it? Well, it's true. While you sit on that for a while, allow us to share with you an (actually) eye-opening anecdote from their story:

[W]hen Lou, 44, who lives on Long Island and has been married to Sarah, 47, for 20 years, was found to have prostate cancer, he used a make-your-own vibrator kit to make a mold of himself for his wife before having surgery.

That's all that writer Hilary Howard gives us about this couple. Which leaves so many unanswered questions! Primarily: say Lou was one of the 33 percent of men who doesn't suffer from erectile dysfunction at all after his prostate surgery. Can Sarah now be treated to Lou times two?

Vibrators Carry the Conversation [NYT]