Nothing Says I’m-Still-Pissed-About-the-Divorce Like ‘Revenge Surgery’


The New York Post has alerted its readers to the breaking trend of "revenge surgery" wherein newly divorced women nip and tuck their way to confidence after a decades-old marriage dissolves, literally slicing away the years spent together and uplifting (both spiritually and physically) breasts that "look like two walnuts in a pair of socks" after bearing his children. Take, for example, Ellen Sawyer, pseudonym for a 44-year-old mother of two who didn't want to use her real name. Ellen's husband of twenty years now lives with a 37-year-old Brazilian woman.

“I am a stay-at-home mom who is single, and my husband is with some exotic hottie,” she sighs. “I felt that whatever I could do to feel better about myself was OK.”

A few sessions with Howard Sobel, a Park Avenue cosmetic dermatologist, eliminated her face’s wrinkles and made her butt more Brazilian — tight and lifted.

Like the saying goes, using your alimony to remake yourself in his mistress's image is the best revenge.

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