Obama Girls Definitely Rooting for a Shutdown

Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

Congressional politics have a habit of getting in the way of Obama family vacations. The Obamas' annual winter trip to Hawaii was delayed by the struggle to get health-care reform through Congress in December of 2009, and a visit to Southeast Asia was postponed by even more last-minute health-care reform deliberations in March of 2010. Now another family vacation is in danger of being overshadowed by Congressional gridlock. Fortunately for the Obama girls, the vacation sounded really boring to begin with:

“The first family has a long-planned family trip to Colonial Williamsburg this weekend,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said in a statement. “The president’s priority is working with members of Congress from both parties to avoid a government shutdown, but obviously the family’s plans will change if an agreement is not reached.”

Sasha and Malia are probably in the Oval Office right now telling their dad not to give in to Boehner's demands. If there's a shutdown, so be it!

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