Pale Male Has Been Kind of a Slut Since His Wife Died

NEW YORK - DECEMBER 13: Famous red-tailed hawk Pale Male perches on a neighboring balcony overlooking Central Park after having his nest removed by building management last week December 13, 2004 in New York City. Angry bird lovers have intensified their protests outside the Upper East Side building in the hopes of bringing back the hawk's home. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images) Photo: Mario Tama/2004 Getty Images

Pale Male, the red-tailed hawk that nests on a Fifth Avenue building across from Central Park, was in a stable, monogamous relationship with a bird named Lola from 2002 to 2010, at which point Lola disappeared, most likely due to dying somewhere. Pale Male was crushed and never loved another bird again. Just kidding: He immediately started making up for lost time, according to people who track such things:

“As ever, because Pale Male is a real stud, a new female showed up almost instantly,” Ms. Winn said.

That was the one the Pale Male-watchers called Ginger.

But just when things seemed as steamy as that sex club on “Law & Order: S.V.U.” the other night, Ginger became an ex, or so the birders speculate — suddenly she was nowhere to be seen, and there was someone new: Pale Beauty. (Some birders called her Paula.)

Then she, too, was gone, replaced by “the one there now,” as Ms. Winn described the female that has been keeping company with Pale Male. Some birders call her Lima, but others wonder if she isn’t really Ginger. Pale Male’s girlfriends are not banded, Ms. Winn said, so there is no way to double-check their identities.

Since they can't really tell these birds apart, it probably means Pale Male has been slutting it up with even more red-tailed hotties than we realize. It's just too easy — dude has a place overlooking the park.

Meanwhile, Pale Male Is Taking His Cues From Hefner [City Room/NYT]