Paris Hilton and Boyfriend Attacked by Stalker


On Wednesday, Paris Hilton and her boyfriend were attacked by a stalker as they were entering a Van Nuys, California, courtroom. Ironically, Hilton was attacked as she was about to testify against Nathan Lee Parada, who was on trial for allegedly breaking into her house last August. The attacker, James Rainford, who Hilton referred to as “the other stalker,” identified himself as her “husband-to-be.”

“I’m going to marry her,” Rainford told reporters. “I got permission from her father!” Rainford had previously been arrested in October 2010 for cycling up to Hilton’s house and walking up to her front door before he was stopped by security. In typical form, Hilton tweeted about the attack to her mother Kathy just moments after it occurred. “Omg … That other psycho intruder just punched Cy in the back of the head as we were walking into the court house. So scary!” She then followed it up with another tweet: “So creepy seeing that guy in court today, it sent shivers down my spine,” Hilton wrote on her Twitter page. “Now on my way to [the Union Rescue Mission] to make Mother’s Day cards with the kids.” Riiiiight.

Paris Hilton and boyfriend attacked by ‘stalker’ outside courthouse [NYP]