Pawlenty Staffer Tries Innovative New Approach to Winning Over Voters


As the first voters of the presidential primaries, Iowans are used to getting personal attention from every campaign. Throughout election season, staffers will show up at their doors to provide information and discuss the ways in which Candidate A deserves their support. But the campaign of Tim Pawlenty, perhaps in an extreme effort to be less boring, seems to have had 24-year-old staffer Benjamin Foster try a different and somewhat revolutionary tactic last night:

A 15-year-old girl found a campaign worker from Alabama banging on her Ankeny family’s back door early Wednesday morning.

Chloe Steward told KCCI she heard her dog barking around 3 a.m. and went to investigate. She said she found a man trying to get into the back door.

His arm was in my back door, trying to get in and I screamed and went upstairs to my parents room and I continued screaming,” said Chloe Steward.

The family then called police.

Don’t forget your Pawlenty 2012 yard sign!

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