Handsome High-School Lovers Still Missing


Florida police are searching for two missing teenage lovers, believed to have run away together because their families disapproved of their intense relationship. The handsome couple, 17-year-old Nicole Dones and 18-year-old Jackson Powell, was last seen on April 16, two days after their senior prom. Their parents wanted them to focus on school and not on one another, especially after Powell dipped into some legal trouble, but the pair was “determined to be together,” according to their friends.

Obviously this is troubling and scary, especially for their parents, but even the Miami-Dade police can’t help but find it a little romantic: “We believe it’s a modern day Romeo and Juliet,” said Detective Edna Hernandez. The duo was last spotted driving a damaged 2006 blue Jeep Cherokee, according to police, with “Bonnie & Clyde” playing softly over the speakers, according to us.

Jackson Powell, Nicole Dones Missing In Modern-Day ‘Romeo And Juliet’ Case [HuffPo]