Pipe Bomb and Propane Tanks Discovered at Mall Near Columbine


On Wednesday, the twelfth anniversary of the deadly Columbine High School shooting, firefighters found two propane tanks and a pipe bomb at a mall located just miles from the high school. The Southwest Plaza Mall was evacuated shortly after a fire broke out in the food court around noon, and investigators discovered the tanks and bomb shortly after. Officials called the location and timing of the incident “disturbing.” “The fact that has happened on April 20, 12 years later, near the school and with similar devices is very disturbing,” said Jefferson County sheriff’s spokesperson Jacki Kelley. “If it’s kids, they’re crazy not to know what this means in this town,” Margie Hecht told the the Denver Post. “I remember that day and they wouldn’t think this is funny if they did.” Around 25 schools were on lockout in response to the incident; classes at Columbine High School were canceled in remembrance of those killed. [AP]