Yemeni People Protest Deal Offering President Saleh Immunity


In response to a deal being brokered by Persian Gulf nations that grants embattled President Ali Abdullah Saleh immunity in exchange for his resignation, throngs of protesters are demonstrating on the streets of Yemen today. The Gulf bloc is reportedly helping the Yemeni opposition negotiate with President Saleh, who has held power for 32 years, but protests rejecting the deal’s stipulation that grants him and his regime immunity have spread across fourteen provinces, with hundreds of thousands of protesters in Sanaa alone. “We the youth of revolution reject any proposal that does not hold Saleh accountable for the killing over 140 revolution protesters,” the Organizing Committee of the Youth Revolution explained. Yaseen Noman, president of Yemen’s largest opposition group, said he cannot force protesters to go home, and he cannot agree to a deal that demands it. [CNN]