The Red Cross Has Come to Rescue Artists in Bushwick Trailer Park


A colony of artists has been living in trailers behind a warehouse on Meserole Street for the past year. After being kicked out of their RVs for a zoning violation on the illegally rented lot, the collective, who dubbed themselves the Bushwick Project for the Arts, moved into the warehouse. But FDNY and NYPD quickly showed up to enforce a vacate order for "conditions imminently perilous to life” and confiscate several space heaters. The space houses a music studio, skate ramp, darkroom, painting studio, video sculpture installation, silk-screening facilities, an accordion repair room, and koi pond. Nonetheless, the Red Cross was on hand to supply the "homeless" residents with a $50 debit card, two nights' stay at the Days Inn in Sunset Park, and counseling services. Twenty-year-old NYU student Daphne Dodd told Metro:

“I don’t consider myself homeless, but in the eyes of the law, I am. I didn’t expect to go to college and then deal with this.”

Just take the debit card, Daphne. You might find you'll need it someday.

Red Cross Cares for Homeless Trailer Park Hipsters [Metro]