Regis Philbin Reportedly Eyeing His Own Show


Page Six” claims Regis Philbin, who recently announced that he’ll retire from Live With Regis & Kelly in November, has begun shopping his own daytime syndicated talk show, starring himself. Philbin has reportedly held early talks with Harpo and Sony, and the hypothetical show would be “similar to Live, but with more news coverage.” (Harpo denies the talks occurred.) According to a Post source, “Kelly is pissed.” A juicy rumor, indeed: Adorable Kelly Ripa getting ticked off that her onscreen partner in crime wants the spotlight all to himself? We’re slightly skeptical. But, for what it’s worth, Gossip Cop leans toward this rumor being real, and Ripa’s rep had a curious response when confronted with the reports: “I don’t know. I know [Ripa’s] very supportive of whatever Regis does, so I would doubt the story,” she told the Post. Well, we’d doubt it, too, if you denied it with some enthusiasm. [NYP]