RFK Jr.: There’s a ‘Tsunami’ of Kennedys About to Hit American Politics

Photo: Jimi Celeste/PatrickMcMullan.com

Great news for Vanity Fair! Last night at the Riverkeepers gala at Chelsea Pier 60, Bobby Kennedy Jr. told us we may soon face an inundation from his family in American politics. With the 2009 death of Ted Kennedy, and Caroline Kennedy’s abortive senatorial bid the same year, we have been living in an America that for the first time in 65 years or so is without a Kennedy in political office. When Intel asked RFK Jr. if he had any aspirations to enter the political fray, he claimed that would be unnecessary. “Know what?” he said. “There’s 85 cousins in the fourth generation. About half of them say they’re going to go into politics. So I think that there’s, like, a tsunami coming.” Speaking of geological events, has he seen the controversial mini-series about his family, The Kennedys? “No, haven’t seen it. You know, I heard that there were, like, problems with it. But I never saw it. But then people, people who have called me about it, like young people who don’t know anything about my family … it’s nuts. But I have no idea.”

When we inquired about Donald Trump’s sham of a presidential run, he paused for a full eight seconds. If you’ve never been stared at by a Kennedy, it’s impossible to conceive of the tan-faced, blue-eyed glare of American history directed at your person. “I think the Republicans should decide about that,” he said. At the moment, he’s all for Obama — well, with perhaps a qualification. “I’m going to support Obama,” he said. “Although, you know, I hope we’re out of Afghanistan by the time the election comes around.”