Somebody Paid $221 Million in Cash for the U.K.’s Priciest Pad


A Ukranian man purchased a three-story, 25,000-square-foot apartment at One Hyde Park in London, back in 2007, for $221 million in cash, making him the proud owner of the United Kingdom’s most expensive flat ever. Even after spending $221 million on the flat, the owner thought the place was more of a fixer-upper, and he’s been spending an additional £60 million on interior work. The One Hyde Park complex — completed this past January, and equipped with its own movie theater and bulletproof windows — has become the most expensive residential development in the world, with almost £1 bn of sales transacted across 45 apartments.

We took a look at some pictures of what the place will look like. It sure is nice: Plenty of comfortable seating for sitting down with one’s laptop and blogging, and even some room to run around when you get antsy. Plus, awesome views of London; you could stare out the window doing nothing for hours. But, frankly, we wouldn’t spend $221 million on it. Maybe we’d shell out $220 million for it, bargain them down a little, but $221 million just seems excessive.

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