Robot Judgment Day Will Actually Be When They Come to Take Your Jobs

Businesswoman typing on computer at desk

As sci-fi geeks have been noting, the latest offering from the Terminator franchise predicted that Judgment Day was supposed to happen last Tuesday. Now that we've all survived the threat of Skynet's genocidal vengeance, Slate's Farhad Manjoo wonders if there aren't more xenophobic realistic fears about robots that should populate our subconscious:

I'm going to be writing a series of articles on the way robots are infiltrating our workplaces. What kinds of jobs are most vulnerable to robots, and which jobs will remain impervious to automation? Should we be happy about the robots—after all, they'll probably make our jobs easier; George Jetson worked just nine hours a week—or should we be really, really worried? And if the robots are coming, should we try to stop them?

Pssh, like we even could.

Will Robots Steal Your Job? [Slate]