Students: You Will Be in Debt Forever Unless You Write a Best-Selling Book


Why go to college, honestly? So you can plow through The Faerie Queene while someone else is making billions figuring out how to deliver cat videos to the public, then spend the rest of your life going to parties with people who make more money than you even though you know they are stupid and chipping away at a pile of debt you are unlikely ever to finish paying off, according to the Times, unless maybe you write a best-selling book and then become president?

We left school with a mountain of debt,” Mr. Obama said in 2008. “Michelle I know had at least $60,000. I had at least $60,000. So when we got together we had a lot of loans to pay. In fact, we did not finish paying them off until probably we’d been married for at least eight years, maybe nine.”

And even then: Look what happened to him. It’s official. College is for suckers.

Burden of College Loans on Graduates Grows [NYT]