Trump to China: ‘Listen You Motherf—ers, We’re Going to Tax You 25 Percent’


Now that the birther thing is over for Donald Trump, he needs something new. Something else that can get people fired up. Like a bad comedian, Trump has decided that that thing is adding the word fuck to his populist routine. At a speech before a Republican crowd in Las Vegas yesterday, he dropped the F-bomb at least three times.

It doesn’t exactly scream “presidential gravitas,” but the crowd ate it up. America doesn’t feel too great about itself right now. Our economy is struggling at home, our military efforts are flailing abroad. Everyone knows that the era of the United States as the globe’s lone hegemonic power is rapidly coming to an end, if it hasn’t already. Yet here’s Trump offering a vision in which America is once again the world’s brash, bold CEO. One in which powerful actors like OPEC and China will suddenly submit to our demands simply because our business tycoon president told them to. It’s utterly fanciful, but you can see the appeal.

Trump Drops the F-Bomb [Political Wire]