The New Austerity Is Not Using a Broker to Sell Your $47 Million UES Townhouse


Just because the housing market for the super rich is once again soaring doesn’t mean that they aren’t facing the same financial strictures as the rest of the us. New York Times best-selling author (and cell-phone magnate scion) Sloan Lindemann Barnett and her husband, Roger Barnett, an entrepreneur who sold for $42 million, just found a buyer for their five-story, 33-feet-wide Upper East Side townhouse who’s willing to part with $47 million. The price for the home, which was once owned by Alice Gwynne Vanderbilt and was decorated by the same designer who once worked for Andy Warhol, is up there with other recent record-setting purchases in the “upper-luxury market.” But in a nod to the frugality of turbulent economic times, the Barnetts did it all without a broker.

House Tops $47 Million on East Side [WSJ]