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Wall Street Exec Plunges to Death From Upper East Side Window

Remember that weirdly upsetting scene from Sex and the City when Kristen Johnston was guest-starring as has-been party girl Lexi Featherston, and she got drunk at a fancy cocktail party? She was fiddling with a window, trying to open it to let out some smoke, and then she fell out of the window and died. It was memorably over the top for a show that normally concerned itself with sex puns and the constant consumption of apparently zero-calorie food. According to the Post, that exact scenario happened in real life, on Sunday. Keith Mastronardi, a derivatives specialist at the Indian-based Vyapar Capital Market Partners, "had been drinking heavily with his wife right before the tumble," the tabloid reported. He opened a window in his fifth-floor apartment to let out some smoke and accidentally fell out the window, dying when he hit the courtyard below. In a real-life twist worse than anything even an HBO writer could concoct, his three children were in the apartment at the time — as was his wife, Debra, who had to be taken out of the apartment in a stretcher. The couple had apparently not been drinking for a few months because Debra was pregnant with a baby girl — whose birth just last week they were celebrating.

Wall Street executive who fell to his death had been drinking heavily: source [NYP]

Photo: City Realty