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Distressingly, "smelly computer" did not turn up anything funny on iStockphoto.

the rise of the machines

53 Percent of Young People Would Give Up Their Sense of Smell Rather Than Give Up Technology

That's according to a McCann survey of 7,000 16-to-30-year-olds out today. It sparked the following discussion in the Daily Intel chat room:

Intel Chris: This study is amazing.

Intel Dan: I think I would also give up my sense of smell

Intel Nitasha: I would for sure

Intel Dan: I mean, "give up technology"?

Intel Dan: So no computer, no Internet?


Intel Dan: That would be way more disruptive than not being able to smell

Intel Chris: I think you can't really taste things if you can't smell

Intel Dan: Also half the time the things you smell actually smell bad

Intel Chris: That's just in New York, Dan.

53% of youngsters would give up sense of smell to stay connected [Biz Report via Runnin' Scared/VV]

Photo: iStockphoto