A Man Was Able to Walk Through The Entirety of the PATH Tunnel to New Jersey


It’s not a great week for safety on the PATH train. First, a driver forgets to stop at the Hoboken station and drives into a wall, injuring 45. And then, over the weekend, 20-year-old Reymundo Rodriguez hopped onto the tracks (in the World Trade Center station, worryingly enough) and walked himself to New Jersey. It’s unclear whether he was crazy, an asshole, or both, because when asked what he was doing, he blithely told cops “The train never came … so I decided to walk.” But upon reaching the other side, he told panicked Port Authority staffers that he’d left a bomb on the tracks. (He didn’t, really). Rodriguez also claimed that Barack Obama told him, through the TV, that it was safe to walk on the tracks.

Meanwhile, the Post also reports that four self-styled “urban adventurers” got busted sneaking into the Second Avenue subway tunnel Saturday night to blow off some Roman Candles, just for the hell of it. Because what better way to end the weekend than getting shot at by the NYPD?

Two tunnel security breaches cause scare in city [NYP]