Youngest And Hottest Congressman Gives America What it Wants


There was a period when Aaron Schock, “America’s fittest congressman,” was coy about his torso. He’d been burned before, via a seemingly naughty photo featuring him posing between the significant breasts of a friend’s daughter (the photo subsequently made the rounds on the internet). But apparently, those days are over. The 29-year-old, who represents Illinois’$2 18th District, has posed for the cover of Men’s Health, and even though he’s wearing a shirt and tie, we couldn’t tell you the color of either. (The magazine has more shots of him wearing even less, but despite his sometimes flamboyant choices in color and fabric snugness, they’re all relatively conservative.) Shock says he’s up and working out at at 6:30 every morning, doing five mile runs and P90x. And even if you don’t see it in the shoot, he’s still dressing rather snazzy. “He’s decked out in a form-fitting Zegna suit and tapered shirt that show off both his musculature and his fashion savvy,” the magazine explains of his day-to-day attire. “He looks more like a hit man from a European spy thriller than a boring politician.” Your move, “Most Beautiful Politician in Washington” Kirsten Gillibrand.

America’s Fittest Congressman [Men’s Health]