At One World Trade, Condé Nast Faces the Unthinkable: CUBICLES


Keith Kelly has a breathtaking scoop this morning: When Condé Nast moves into One World Trade after it opens in 2014, the magazine company's custom of giving lavish offices to its editors and executives will be curtailed. Instead, many of the employees will be forced out from behind glass doors and into cubicles.

So far, the design plans are not being shared with the staff. And for good reason. "I think it will be horribly received in many parts of the building," said one source, who noted that office space is deemed very precious in status-conscious Condé Nast. In the new layout that only a precious few have seen, far fewer will have glass offices. And even though just a few have seen the office-lite plans for 1 WTC, grumbling has already begun. "Newsrooms are all about speed and accuracy," said one Condé Nasty. "The kind of writing we do is much more involved with style. You need quiet."

Too bad you can't build walls out of ego.

Battle over Condé Nast office space at 1 WTC [NYP]