Liberal Arts Degrees Probably Aren’t Worth the Student Debt


NPR has entered in the roiling debate over the relative uselessness of a college education. And the station has good news ... for some people. Now that our collective student loans have exceeded the amount the country owes in credit card debt, experts are giving lie to the myth of "good debt" and suggesting students consider the likelihood that they will be able to pay back the money they owe. Mark Kantrowitz, the publisher of the FinAid and Fastweb websites, says:

"I can see someone borrowing perhaps $10,000 a year if they're majoring in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, computer science or nursing," says Kantrowitz. "But I can't see borrowing that amount of money for a degree in art, or humanities, or sociology, because the jobs just don't pay as well for those fields of study."

Although Kantrowitz wasn't asked specifically about journalism majors, we imagine his response would have been something along the lines of a spit-take.

College Student Debt Grows. Is It Worth It? [NPR]
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