Cab Drivers Are Now Physically Yanking People Out of the Backseat Rather Than Driving Them to Brooklyn


Anyone who has ever tried to get a taxi to Brooklyn knows that it’s a dicey proposition. Many cabbies will refuse even though they’re legally required to take you, and rather than climb in the backseat of a car with a hostile driver, oftentimes you’ll feel obligated to wait until you find someone friendly who will take you willingly. Not so with Amanda and Michelle, both 31, who decided to draw the line when a driver began screaming “No! No! No!” at them when they asked to be taken to Bedford-Stuyvesant from midtown Manhattan.

I kept saying, ‘You have to. It’s the law,’ ” recounted Michelle, who works for an Internet company. “He kept screaming at us to ‘get out, get out,’ but we wouldn’t.”

Then he said, ‘You’re gonna be sorry!’ and took off up Sixth Avenue,” she added.

Watch the below video to see what happens when the driver, Paul Efobi, tries to haul them out of the cab physically.

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